I did a set of seven pieces of art for the second volume of ESOTERICA, an online magazine that celebrates the weirder and more abstracts parts of the “gallery of the internet” – I am pretty happy with how they look and I thought I’d write a little post to draw your attention to it. For this volume of the magazine we were given the theme PLANT.

The “septych” of images is called “The Tree of Grief” and it explores the concepts of grief and depression. The image I’ve created is of a human with a large tree growing out of their back, the tree has five branches that represent each of the stages of grief. The image was then put through a glitch generator which used random seeds sourced from tweets about depression, this produced some really interesting and somewhat macabre results.

You can check out ESOTERICA Volume 2 here, it’s cool and you should have a read through it! If you’ve got some spare coins then please support the magazine as I’d love to see it grow and get a bigger following. I won’t be publishing the image I’ve drawn for a while so the only way you can see it is by reading ESOTERICA!

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