Freelance Work

I’m always up for doing pixel-art work, teaching and programming for people who want it. Please email me if you’re interested in my services. Prices are negotiable!

(£2.50 for 10) Pixel Art Item Icons:

Item Sprites

Need retro-style pixel art icons for a game or your website? Look no further!

(£3.00+) Small Pixel Art/SpriteSheet:

Flame Mage

The turnarounds for a small pixel art character or monster – including simple walk cycles. Other more complex animations can be discussed with me and will be priced on a case by case basis!

(£5.00) Small Pixel Art Image:


Useful for card games and social networking avatars! They’re also about the right size for RPG maker enemies if you are so inclined.

(£7.00+) Larger Pixel Art Image:


Detailed backgrounds and larger images that require more time to complete. These are good for things like Facebook banners and anything that might need to be larger than about 500px in size! As with everything else the prices are negotiable!

(£5.00 Hourly Rate) Voice Acting

Do you need a pompous old man voice for your game/movie/cartoon? Look no further! I’m very good at doing a bunch of overly posh old man voices! Contact me for some examples of my voice acting work!

(£10.00 Hourly Rate) Unity C# Scripting:

I can write scripts for you ranging from simple to complex for your Unity game! I have knowledge of Unity’s multiplayer networking, physics features and it’s 2D and 3D environments. I will not accept any work that may count towards anyone’s academic work.

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