Games and Projects

Published Academic Papers

  • Oxspring, S. Kirman, B. Syzmanezyk, O. (2013). Attack on the Clones: Managing Player Perceptions of Visual Variety and Believability in Video Game Crowds. In: Advancements In Computer Entertainment, 16 November 2013, Netherlands.

Ludology (My Games)

Here is a list of video and board games which I have made or am in the process of making. If there is no page link it probably means it has been lost to the aeons somewhere on a memory stick or a floppy disc, this is mostly the ones developed before 2010: when I was too young to realise that backing-up my games was an important thing to do. If I ever do manage find old copies or screenshots of nostalgic games from my teenage years I’ll try to keep this list updated with them!


Here is a list of software development projects I’ve worked on in the past. These include applications I’ve developed for academic work and other cool clients! This stuff is still pretty interesting despite not being games design related and it’s all good practice for coding in the future:

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