Made for a 24 Game Jam (After a Curry Night…)

Myself and my best friend Mark Boyde-Shaw made this game after being inspired by my little brother’s failed attempt to eat a rather spicy vindaloo at a curry night. We got home and started work straight afterwards! This is the finished product, a major-league race to eat curry as fast as is humanly possible without heating up your mouth too much! You must carefully balance your food-shovelling and drinking ratios whilst making sure you don’t run out of money… that would be unfortunate!


Myself and Mark are currently working on a new version of Curry Hurry with many new features, we’re hoping to get some suggestions from the general public too – so we’ve set up this nice little suggestion box! Please give us constructive suggestions and ideas to help make Curry Hurry Version 2.0 more awesome than ever!

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