“Design a ‘Sports’ game” Challenge 2010


As part of first year introductory games design we were tasked with creating games based around the theme of ‘sports’. Of course they never specified that the sports needed to be real or serious. So I came up with the idea of Death Dome – set in an apocalyptic future where slaves are chased through an arena filled with spikes and rotating saws in order to entertain various blood-thirsty patrons.

It was also my first attempt at making a procedurally generated game; no run of the game was ever the same. Randomly placed traps and power-ups would be scattered about the level, and the ground would shift up and down at different intervals.

I’ve always wanted to go back and re-make death dome in XNA, maybe if I get enough interest I’ll do it over a summer at some point in the near future – could be a good laugh to see a character exploding into a fine red mist once again!

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