#7DGC 2012 Entry (Themes: Space and Vegetation)

An overly-pretentious game based on the themes of ‘Space’ and ‘Vegetation’ as voted for by the participants of the seven day game challenge! The game is an artsy experience, a parody of what is believed to be an overly pretentious self-masturbatory ludo-logical experience.

How does it relate to the themes? You use the space bar to control the character. The game is meant to symbolise the mind of someone in a vegetative state, the players actions will either cause them to fall asleep forever, or finally wake up from their coma.

You control the ‘Dream Eater’ by pressing the space-bar, it moves in a circle and changes direction each time you hold down space, it’s hard to understand at first but you get used to it quickly. How do you win? There are two endings to this game, it is up to you to decide which one is the good and which is the bad ending… its artsy like that.

Bear in mind, this game will only work with computers that have XNA compatible graphics cards it will not play correctly (if at all) if your computer does not have an up to date graphics card – Sorry!


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