The Laundry RP (Entry #1)

Thus begins a new set of entries for my website: I’ll be chronicling the storyline of  a Laundry tabletop role-playing game that I’m  running as a game master. What is The Laundry? It’s basically the British version of the Men in Black… with more bureaucratic red-tape and a heavy heaping of tongue-in-cheek Britishness. Today I ran a little practice mission with two of the players… here’s how it panned out:

Dr. Robert Maria Smedley and Bruce Campbell reported for their first day on her majesties secret service, not fully knowing what their new job entailed or what the future had in store for them. All they knew was that they were now both plumbers, working at The Laundry: Charnwood Division. The two men walked into the Carillon, a local monument in the town of Loughborough, and through a door that was hidden behind a wall of shelving.

After walking down a flight of stairs, the two men were greeted by an old woman at a desk in a clinically grey room. They looked around the area and read through a few leaflets on a nearby wall, Bruce gained a deeper understanding of things to come by reading a leaflet on “Counter Possession and You“, Robert attempted to snatch the leaflet from him, but failed miserably.

The old woman, named Ethel, greeted the two men with surprising excitement for someone of her age. She signed the two men up and then pointed them down the corridor to the head of the Charnwood Division’s activities, Reginald Burton.

Robert, (who was irritated by Bruce not giving him the leaflet from earlier) attempted to trip Bruce up when they were walking down the corridor, Bruce avoided his attack and then lifted Dr. Smedley over his shoulder. Smedley grumbled in annoyance as they both entered Reginald’s office.

The head of activities ordered Bruce to put down his co-worker, he then went on to explain what their job was in its basic terms. Reginald was very reluctant to send the two men on a mission without them having been through basic training, but the division was relatively low on agents after an accident in the local leisure centre involving a rather angry shoggoth.

Robert and Bruce were tasked with investigating a paranormal disturbance at the nearby Wetherspoons public house: “The Moon and Bell”. They walked to the pub and Bruce attempted to talk to a rather shaken-looking man at the bar, unfortunately his lack of social skills left the man threatening to call the police, so Robert took over to try and calm the situation whilst Bruce went to get a pint and a curry.

Robert learnt that recently the pub had been experiencing strange occurrences from the scared man, these claims were backed up by the barman. Both then went on to say that a group of students had been recently frequenting the bar – about the same time as the paranormal activity started.

Meanwhile, Bruce overheard a group of students from the LUPS (Loughborough University Paranormal Society) chatting about a cool book that they had found in the archives at the library. Bruce went over to investigate, but was shrugged off by the group. It was at this point the ‘leader’ of the group left the table and walked off to the toilet – Bruce tailed him.

Robert sat down at the table with the student group and managed to convince them after a long debate to give him the book. He was unable to discern the origins of the damaged-looking book, but he could tell it was missing a great deal of its pages.

Meanwhile, the leader of the group of students had noticed Bruce tailing him, so he assaulted him in the bathroom with a knife whilst yelling out possessed cries of madness. Bruce was stabbed in the shoulder, but managed to knock out the possessed student with his fists. He picked up the young man and carried him out of the pub, “He drank a little too much, I’m taking him home.”

Robert awkwardly followed his co-worker out of the pub, the students glaring at him as he left.

As the two walked back to the carillon Dr. Smedley decided to read the scraps of book a little more closely, unfortunately for him the knowledge he gained from the papers caused him to lose a considerable amount of sanity… he had accidentally stumbled across some excerpts from the Necronomicon.

Reginald congratulated the two men for a job well done and waved them on their way – telling them to get some rest before they headed to Dunwich for basic training. Robert went for a spell of therapy over the coming week and Bruce read up on some esoteric history.

Hopefully you liked this entry… I’ll be continuing this story on into the near future based on how the RP continues into the future. I’m sure things will get even more strange and twisted as I introduce more elements, characters and stories! What will happen next? Who knows?! Who cares?! We shall see!

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